We are exceeding CDC, OSHA, etc. guidelines. We are doing this because it’s just frankly the right thing to do. Think of Karma or The Golden Rule. What would we wish for our families? We are doing what we need to do to make this environment safe for you. Our goal? Our standards will make Ross Valley Dental much safer than going out to a grocery store! Please take the time to review.

We ask that you:

  • Please floss and brush thoroughly shortly before we greet you.
  • Wear a mask.

When you arrive:

  • We will meet you outside and we will take your temperature. We will next guide you to our patio area where we will go through our new protocols and go through a detailed Covid-19 questionnaire. We will NOT ask you who you wish to be President.
  •  There will be no seating in what used to be called our waiting room. Now it will be an art display and arboretum space..
  • You will next be directed into the room reserved for you.
  • Next we will have you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • One or more medicinal mouthwashes will be provided prior to being seated.
  • Appointments and other arrangements will be made in your treatment room.
  • The front desk will have minimal usage as it is in a transit area.
  • Gina my wife/office manager and I will be working out of what was the private office.

We have designed the patient flow to be safe and efficient as only one patient will be in the office at a time. We will be appointing longer visits if possible to minimize traffic flow through the facility. We will be taking more time and energy with infection control. For instance:

  • Treatment rooms are meticulously disinfected after each use
  • Typically, there is a minimum of 90 minutes between patients before clients are seated in a disinfected treatment room.
  • Multiple air purification units are in all the rooms and common areas.
  • Fresh air is brought in via our screened doors and windows.
  • We have extensively remodeled the office during the break (Something about idle hands being the work of the devil).
  • Returning patients will notice the positive changes.

We will confirm by voice and email prior to your reserved visit. Prompt reply is requested. If you need to change your appointment we require two business days notice. If the appointment time is not honored, a charge may be made to your account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. Gina and I will be happy to speak with you.

Richard Doyle DDS, Ross Valley Dental