To all of our Ross Valley Dental patients:

There is increasing concern about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. I will present my personal
professional opinion.

This virus is novel. No one has had a previous exposure which would likely have some
immunity benefits. Many exposed individuals will show no symptoms. Some will have what
could be described as a relatively mild case of the “flu”. Others will be ill without requiring
hospitalisation. A small percentage will be admitted to intensive care. Those that will be most
seriously affected will more likely be elderly, diabetic, and have cardiac and/or pulmonary

I taught at the UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco part time for five years. We will
continue to have our infection control protocol mirror what is required at the school.
Additionally, I had the opportunity as a post grad resident to work for three months in a hospital
oral surgery clinic which included significant OR (operating room) exposure. We are in the
process of implementing an evolving infection protocol here at Ross Valley Dental that will
compliment that of an OR environment. Our guidance will far exceed the guidelines of the
California Dental Board.

These new protocols are not just all about the COVID-19 virus. This is about all infectious
agents, be they viral, bacterial, or other.

I want this office environment to be such that even my loved ones are as safe as they can be.
Anything else is not up to my standards.

As I know more, I will follow up.

I want you all to be in good hands.

My best to you all from Ross Valley Dental.

Richard Doyle DDS, APC